bag_logo.pngHow it works: 

  1. Pack your lunch during the month of September. Display your orange spoon to let others know about the challenge. 
  2. Place the money that you would have spent on eating out in this brown bag.
  3. At the end of the month donate the money you saved to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent.
  4. Consider continuing this every month and become a Hunger Action member.





September is Hunger Action Month.
Together, we can solve hunger™

How can 50 million people face hunger in a country that wastes billions of pounds of food? Here in America, there is more than enough food to feed every man, woman and child, yet one in six people, including more than one in five children, face hunger. In the Golden Crescent area, there are 48,020 people living in food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as living within danger of going without food. Most come from ‘working poor’ families, where one or more people in the family have a job, but aren’t able to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck.

These are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. Each September, join us as we partner with Feeding America and the Together, We Can Solve Hunger™ campaign. As individuals, charities, businesses and government, each of us have a role to play in getting food to those in need!


  • GO ORANGE ONLINE FOR HUNGER: Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos orange and keep them orange for the month of September.

  • FIND and LIKE The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent on Facebook.

  • INVITE your Member of Congress to visit your local food bank.

  • PLEDGE to stay in touch with the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent and keep your finger on the pulse of hunger in your hometown!

  • WEAR ORANGE FOR HUNGER: We  encourage everyone to play a role and show your support by wearing ORANGE and spreading the word!  Ask co-workers, friends and families to join you. Take a group photo and tweet it to the Food Bank (@FoodBankofGC) using #HungerActionMonth or #FBGCgoesHAM.

  • VOLUNTEER at the Food Bank.

  • TAKE ACTION by involving your business, team, family, and friends in the fight to end hunger. The Food Bank will be publicizing donation opportunities all month long, so consider donating a day to the cause. Be creative and get the message out! If you would like or poster or banner, contact the Food Bank for details!

  • SNAP TO IT with the SNAP Challenge, which is a commitment to live on just $5 a day for a week or month. Get a sense of what life is like for those struggling to put food on the table by shopping for your meals with the daily average per person benefit provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps), then share your experience with your community and become a voice for the hungry!

  • SHOW SUPPORT for local businesses going orange for Hunger Action Month (to view our Hunger Action Month event calendar, please click here.)

For more information about going orange with your business, sponsoring Hunger Action Month, or hosting a Hunger Action Month event, contact us at the Food Bank.